UNDERDOG (5428.10)


"In 10 years I never heard one complaint from any leaker about the Thumbs Up or Down option being a problem. It was a powerful, simplistic, free speech communication tool. But obviously you and your minions fragile ego's received one down thumb too many, and made pulling the (Down Thumb) plug a #1 priority. Now the community consensus pretty much just hit's the block button on those offending members. I don't suppose it might have occurred to you dwankies, that if you felt so strongly about this issue, you could have let the L.L. Community vote on whether they wanted the Down Thumb option removed. Rather than your inner minority deciding arbitrarily for the rest of us. Just when one couldn't imagine the definition of (Pathetic) ever being exceeded, LL raises the bar."

Please visit the Staff Blog "THUMBS!" and THUMB MY POST there UP! I would like to say you have the option to Thumb it down, but you don't. :)

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