One piece of cloth used to clean everything, from toilet to drinking glass

One piece of cloth used to clean everything, from toilet to drinking glass

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Guests used towels to scrub face station, rub mirror, Cawan the toilet, and then rub cup! Slippers, cups are placed common disinfection a cup you dare to use it! Above occurred in a national 5A scenic Nanyue star hotel, Hunan City Channel, the recent exposure of this scene.

The Hunan Hengyang Area star hotel attendants clean up cleaning rooms health, first picked up a guest towel rub washstand, and then wipe the mirror. Then from the toilet with a brush dipped in water scrub the toilet, and then use the towel to wipe the toilet.

Next grazed toilet towel attendant to wipe the cup. In this way, of the guests to use towels, in the hands of the waiter became "universal cloth, even Cawan toilet and then wipe the cup.

It is understood, was closed down after 7 days to suspend business for rectification, the hotel has been restored to normal business. August 25, when the reporter arrived at the hotel, as a consumer, by visiting the observation was not found before exposure. (Reporter Zhang Huan Rui grid Qi Wei)


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