Mob attacks german police station and what it has to do with Charlie

Mob attacks german police station and what it has to do with Charlie

Left wing violence is widly accepted by the german media. Thatfor an attack of 50 crazy commies against a police station in Leipzig / Germany was mostly ignored by the media today.

The attackers threw plaster stones, bottles, fireworks and bags of paint against the police station. Luckily the safty glass withstood the stones.

When the 50 people where marching towards the police station, first nobody cared because spontaneous left wing protests are daily business in that area. Attacks from left wings against single police men or police cars are also not unusual. That happens that often that is not even news worthy any more.

The aftermath of the attack was several ten thousand euros damage and no hurt police men or arrested offenders.

On or two politicans routinly condemned the attack and a few newspapers wrote something about alleged left wing offenders. While normally a mob attacking a police station should cause an outcry in society. That nobody got hurt does not mean that they did not tried to.

The left wings published later a letter of confession telling that the reason for the attack was the death of asylum seeker in 2005 (yes 10 years ago).

All combined there was a german police station attacked by 50 people and nobody including the media gives a shit.

Because the media is busy at the moment writing all day long that the attacks in paris had nothing to do with islam. They are also very busy with warning that conservatives could "abuse" the attacks against Charlie for their own politics. (While every single newspaper and every politican in germany is abusing the shit out of that attack against Charlie all day long)

I live somehow on a continent which drowns in islamic crime and left wing violence while the media ignores that and instead permanently warns that the conservatives are a big threat for everyone. Ignoring and playing down the real threats is what makes them rise.

Every single one of that newspapers and politicans are saying at the moment "Je suis Charli".
No, you are not Charlie. You killed Charlie!

And you keep on doing that by ignoring the real threats and blaming the people wich warning of them instead.


By: GermanNews (1462.20)

Tags: left wing attack, police station

Location: Leipzig, Germany

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