Why is he still here?

Why is he still here?

You know the world is mystified that Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and Keith Richards are all still alive yet Jerry Garcia's not.

I was watching 'Pauly Shore is dead' on netflix when I got the munchies, so I went to my fridge to get some cupcakes. But I tripped over the vacuum and I bumped my head. I got up, continued on to the kitchen where I got some cupcakes and went back to my room and finish the movie. After taking some Asperin, it occurred to me....what happened to Tom Greene?

He was in the second worst disaster after 9/11 when 'Freddy Got Fingered' was released, though it is considered a 'cult classic' among stoners after 'Half Baked' and 'Dude, Where's My Car?'

Is he dead?
I mean there was a lot of talk that Bin Laden was killed, but he turned up in a CIA-financed safehouse in a town that has a regional Pakistani military headquarter, not to mention being a hop skip and jump away from the nation's military academy.
The people are still claiming Elvis is still here.

Then my question turns to- should I care?
I mean, there is no much going on in the world- tensions in Ukraine, terror attack in China, you know stuff that should be more priority than a hack job who terrorized the world with 'the bum song' in which I would rather go to a dentist office and have wisdom teeth surgically implanted back in my mouth just to have them pulled out without Novocaine.

I mean, if someone were to tell me he's dead, I'd be happy, even if its a lie...

Well, what do you think about the issue?


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