Christians Say No Gays Should Be Allowed At Public School Prom

Christians Say No Gays Should Be Allowed At Public School Prom

Full of love and without judgment of others, just like Jesus taught them, Christian students and parents of Sullivan High School in Indiana, have come together to let the public school system know that gays should not be allowed to attend the same prom as their children (because all of their children are christian and straight.....even the ones that think about killing themselves every night because they are gay and their parents have said for years they are then sick, perverted, going to hell and are to be scorned.) In fact, they are organizing a "straights" only prom, where "none of that stuff" will be allowed in the door. Strange...I am trying to think of an event that gays would hold which banned straight people....oh well, tolerance is not a two way street when it comes to being a servant of the God of love.

Summing up the Holy and Self Righteous "We love homosexuals as people, just not anything they do" love fest, a local special needs teacher (you know, one of the teaching specialties that should require the greatest patience and acceptance from the most non-judgmental and loving souls) says that while god puts special needs human beings in our lives for a reason, gays have no purpose in life whatsoever.

ONLY religion causes otherwise good people to do the most evil and hate filled things, and with a sweet smile on their faces.


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