White supremacist shot and killed in attempted racist attack on black man at Waffle House

White supremacist shot and killed in attempted racist attack on black man at Waffle House

Ouch, whit guy takes 3 rounds for mistaking black guy for criminal that legally couldn't protect himself.

Ft. Myers, Florida

A group of drunk, racist white men entered a Fort Myers, Florida Waffle House restaurant and began hurling racial slurs at two men of color, Jehrardd Williams and Jorge Henrandez, who were sitting at the restaurant counter.

A video of the encounter shows Williams and Hernandez take notice of the shouts, but calmly try to finish their meals as the group of white supremacists walked towards them. One of the white racist men, Robert Black can be seen on surveillance video attempting to shake hands with Williams and Hernandez, but when Jehrardd Williams refused to shake hands, Black throws a punch prompting Williams to pull out his gun.

At this point, one of the racists who had already exited the restaurant, Dakota Fields comes charging back in the restaurant to attack Williams. Obviously unaware that Williams was carrying a gun, Fields attempts to tackle Williams but instead gets himself shot three times before running back out the restaurant.

Surprised and bleeding profusely, Fields and the group of drunk white racists jumped into their car and sped off in search of a hospital. The bad luck/karma didn’t end there: The drunk white racists crashed into another car just a few blocks away from the Waffle House. Dakota Fields was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

No charges were filed against Jehrardd Williams for defending himself.



By: Kdaddie (3.00)

Tags: Racist, shooting, killed, black, white, white supremacist, Guns, murder, fight

Location: United States

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