Explosions and Bombs

Explosions and Bombs

"Explosions and Bombs" by David Hart
Buildings go bang
Tanker trucks go pow
Bombs, grenades & firecrackers
We love out explosions and love
our bombs.
Boom, Bang, and KaPow
Let's blow something up!
Much easier than building
something up!
Atom bombs, Hydrogen bombs,
Nuclear bombs, Cherry bombs,
Roadside bombs--Wanna celebrate
something--boom, bang & kapow
Boom Bang and KaPow
Hip, Hip, Hooray!
More fun to blow it up
Than to build it up.

Air plane bombs, Napalm bombs
A little bomb her,
A little bomb there
Everywhere a bomb bomb.

Bombinate away this once
quiet day!
Bomb them to Kingdom come!

Human bombs, suicide bombs, car
bombs, truck bombs

KaBoom, KaPow Bang & Pow
We love our bombs.

Tank bombs, stink bombs,
Homemade bombs, fire bombs,
Bomb the sun slaked day.
Malatov Cocktail anyone?
Suitcase bombs, megaton bombs,
Donkey bombs--a bomb a day
yields a doctor his pay.

A shoe bomb or pipe bomb,
let's blow it up and call
it a day.

A letter bomb, a chair bomb,
a clock bomb, a refrigerator bomb,
a TV bomb, a computer bomb, a
tree bomb, a hat bomb, a rug bomb,
a motorcycle bomb--
let's get cooking on it right away.
Blow it up and blow it away


By: hartistry (789.76)

Tags: truck bombs,atom bombs,nuclear bombs,hartistry

Location: Marseille, France

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