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Kauai Flybys

It is with great pleasure that I am now able to bring to LiveLeak aerial videos to share with the community here.

These are clips from my first day of flying yesterday during very windy conditions with strong gusts of 20-30 mph or more. These will get better as my skills of control improve but I know many of you will enjoy this first go at this new ability.

Modified for questions:

I have never flown any RC vehicle before, these were my first flights, any of you can do just as well.

As to costs this is what I have into this: DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, $1369.00 with a reduced price 2nd battery($1299.00 with out the spare battery), prop
guards $28.00, spare blades about $22.00, Prop balancer about $30.00 a
Du Bro. That's what I have into this minus the memory card, anything
over 32GB the camera will not recognize.

If I can do this so can you. I already am researching increased range equipment that will allow me to fly this over 2 miles away to get you all some real neat filming and some great views of water falls that drop well below this units maximum range. For more detailed information shoot me a PM or drop a comment on my channel.

And yes those are Taro Fields... see the Tags? Tag tip... several of us put in some cool tags, if you haven't been reading them you've been missing out! (This is not one of the fun tags videos of mine.)



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